What Happens Next After You File a Home Insurance Claim?

What Happens Next After You File a Home Insurance Claim

Some people are extremely apprehensive when it comes to filing a basic home insurance claim on their policy for home insurance. This is because filing a claim can raise your monthly premiums, and you might find out that your property is included on a database that insurance companies keep which lists homes with a history of claims.

If you do need to file a basic home insurance claim, you need to know what to expect afterwards. In the world of insurance, there are claims that are simple and some that are not.

A simple claim is something like window breakage, some types of theft and storm damage. You will get an estimate of your damages and an insurance adjuster will call you on the telephone. If you had jewelry stolen, you might need to see a jewelry appraiser to get the stolen goods appraised. The insurance company will then mail you a check. In most cases, they never come out to your home.

For claims that are more complicated such as fire, vandalism and water damage, the insurance adjuster will usually call you and come out to your home to inspect the damages. They will take some photos and help you fill out the proper paperwork for the claim.

Some insurance companies will want you to use their approved contractors for getting estimates and appraisals. Even though you do have a choice of vendors, those vendors should carry specific certifications to ensure they are providing quality work and that they are not shady dealers.

After filing the claim, the rest of the process can takes several weeks or even months depending on the amount of damage and the type of claim filed. For example, a claim that includes water damage can result in mold which is health threatening. This may involve a more detailed inspection and extensive repairs. The home might need vacating while the repairs are being completed. Tip: If you kitchen is out of order or not available, an insurance company may partially cover expenses for eating out and groceries (only above the normal spend) during the period of the repairs. Be sure to ask your adjuster and if covered save your receipts.

No matter what you do, never sit back and just wait for your claim to be handled for you once you file it. Keep in touch with contractors, the claims adjuster and any repair specialists to make sure no one is waiting on someone else’s information. You want to make sure things are moving along.

Filing a homeowner’s claim on your home insurance is a bit of a hassle. Always make sure that before you file, you know that the financial rewards will outweigh the cost.

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only and NOT a recommendation from Mills Insurance. Please contact a licensed insurance agent specialist to discuss insurance coverage’s and laws.

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