The Top 5 Auto Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

The Top 5 Auto Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to drive in Orange County, you must have some form of auto insurance. However, if you are like most other people seeking this type of coverage, you probably have some questions you would like answered. While there are many questions people typically ask about auto insurance Orange County, listed below are the top five.


1. What Factors Affect Auto Insurance Rates?

There are many factors that affect car insurance rates. For example, young drivers or people who drive new or luxury cars often pay higher rates than experienced drivers or those who choose to drive modest vehicles. Other factors that will determine your rates include your age, marital status, driving record and credit history.

2. Should I Choose Liability or Full Coverage?

For you to legally drive in Orange County, you must have at least liability insurance coverage. However, if you have a new car or a luxury model, full coverage is a better choice. The reason for this is that full coverage will cover damage to your own vehicle whereas liability only covers the other car involved in an accident. Furthermore, depending on your policy, full coverage may also cover such things as theft and/or damage due to reasons other than accidents.

3. What Deductible Should I Choose?

The deductible you choose is purely a matter of choice. If you choose a high deductible, your monthly payments will be lower; however, you will need to pay more in the case of an accident. On the other hand, if you opt for a lower deductible, your monthly payments will be higher, but you will not need to pay as much if you are involved in an accident.

4. How Can I Lower My Rates?

This is perhaps the most frequently asked question pertaining to auto insurance Orange County. The best way to lower your car insurance rates is to take advantage of any discounts that your provider may be offering. Most insurance providers offer discounts for such things as air bags, security systems, safe driving courses, low mileage and excellent driving histories.

5. What are the Penalties for Driving without Insurance?

There are severe penalties for driving without insurance in Orange County. If you are found to be driving without insurance, you could be charged large fines and your tags could be revoked. Furthermore, in some cases, you may lose your driver’s license and your insurance rates may increase significantly.
These are the top five frequently asked questions pertaining to auto insurance today. Understanding your coverage and obtaining what you need is essential for driving legally in Orange County. However, it does not have to be complicated when you speak to an insurance provider in your area.

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only and NOT a recommendation from Mills Insurance. Please contact a licensed insurance agent specialist to discuss insurance coverage’s and laws.

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