Insurance in Fullerton, Orange County, CA

Fullerton is known as a college town because it is home to several higher education institutions,
including California State University. Because it is such a young town, there are many drivers
who are in need of car and/or motorcycle insurance. Mills Insurance company has been delivering superb car
insurance policies to residents in Fullerton, as well as excellent renter, home, life and business

According to the United States Census Bureau 2011 data the population of Fullerton is as


Total population: 137,183

Persons under five years old: 5.9%

Persons under 18 years old: 23.3%

Persons 65 years old and over: 11.7%

Female persons: 50.9%


Per capita money income: $30,967

Median household income: $69,432

Persons below poverty level: 13.2%

Auto Insurance in Fullerton, CA

Mills Insurance Services offers affordable, quality car insurance policies to residents of
Fullerton, Orange County. Car insurance allows you to make an affordable monthly payment to
the insurance carrier, and in turn, we will protect you in case of an accident involving property
damage and/or injury. Most of our car insurance plans feature the following: bodily injury
coverage, property damages, medical bills, uninsured motorist coverage and general collision
coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage is very important in case you get hit by an individual
who does not have insurance or you are involves in a hit and run. Our Fullerton car insurance
agents can explain this in great detail. Please call us today to learn all about your car insurance
options from a top Fullerton car/motorcycle insurance agent.

Home Insurance in Fullerton, CA

Fullerton home insurance policies are custom tailored to your specific needs. Likewise, if you
are renting a home in, it is essential that you get renters insurance. Home insurance protects
you from a number of factors and unforeseen circumstances that can leave you without a roof
over your head or damage you possessions. With Mills Insurance, you can also bundle your
insurance needs, thereby saving on monthly premiums. Please contact one of our insurance
specialists for more information. We provide free homeowners insurance quotes.

Business Insurance in Fullerton, CA

If you are an existing business owner, you are probably already familiar with commercial
insurance, and you may have an existing policy with another Fullerton business insurance
company. While you may be satisfied, you may be paying too much or not getting the value
that you feel you deserve out of your policy. It never hurts to obtain a free quote from Mills
Insurance Services to see if you can save or get more for your money. Please call us today for a
free estimate. Mills Insurance is a leading business insurance provider in Southern California.

Life Insurance in Fullerton, CA

Life insurance is a useful benefit to have to protect your loved ones in case of your death. It
will cover not only your funeral expenses, it can also be used for mortgage, college tuition,
income replacement and a number of other factors, so that your family does not face financial
hardships after your death. Please don’t wait; the younger you start the less you will pay for life
insurance. Call us today.

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